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Dental Pro 7 - Professional Strength Dental Solution (Pure Liquid Concentrate) 22ml

The all natural actives in Dental Pro 7 kill the harmful bacteria (the primary cause of unhealthy teeth and gum) within 30 seconds*

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99% of oral health problems are caused by 'bad' bacteria

Clinical studies* have found that only 8 bacterial species (out of the 700+ in your mouth) are primarily responsible for unhealthy teeth, gums and bad breath

(Unfortunately these can't be completely removed or killed by brushing and flossing alone)

Dental Pro 7 contains powerful all natural active ingredients that are scientifically proven* to kill and suppress these 'specific' bacteria that cause damage to your teeth and gums
... all while inhibiting plaque formation, promoting oral health and much more.

Robin kingsbury
Robin kingsbury
A Miracle
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“This Product is a miracle. I’ve been using this for 2 months and even my dentist is amazed!!! Thank Youuuuuu for saving my smile”
  1. Targeted Bacterial Elimination: Dental Pro 7 contains a unique blend of all-natural, clinically proven actives that swiftly kill the specific bad bacteria responsible for receding gums, bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth decay, and more12. Say goodbye to those pesky oral issues!

  2. Lipid-Based Formula: Unlike ordinary toothpastes, Dental Pro 7’s exclusive blend is lipid-based. What does that mean for you? It’s water-resistant and water-insolubleImagine an invisible shield that coats your teeth and gums, providing ultra-long-lasting protection1. No more worrying about it washing away after a sip of water!

  3. Deeper Penetration: Dental Pro 7’s secret lies in its ability to penetrate deep into your gums where most of the bad bacteria reside. This special lipid formulation ensures that it doesn’t just skim the surface; it goes beneath the gum line, targeting the exact culprits causing damage to your gums1. It’s like a stealthy superhero for your oral health!

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